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#Paypal #IPN vulnerability – and how to fix it.


The other day, I got a notification of a paypal payment for £0.01, which was odd, but I didn’t realise the significance until a few days later, when I realised that someone had managed to buy 800 euros of credit for only £0.01

The hack was, that the user modified the payment link to change the price, by changing the amount parameter:




But left the “custom” field the same, which typically indicates the basket ID. When the IPN callback was called, it was passed the correct basket ID, but an incorrect mc_gross value. This lead to the user being credited with 800 euros worth, but only paying £0.01

A similar hack could have been done by changing the currency from GBP to JPY.

Simple fix:

In the IPN callback check that the mc_gross and mc_currency matches the expected total in the basket, or include a salted hash of the amount and currency in the custom field

PS: This issue has now been fixed on our website, don’t even bother trying this hack! 🙂


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