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#bin number lookup in c#


The first six digits of a credit card (BIN) indicate the issuing bank and country. You can use
this to assist in fraud detection, or determine what country a customer is from – although
people do sometimes carry foreign cards.

Here is an example from NeutrinoAPI that allows you look up a card BIN number in c# – you’ll need your own username and key

public ActionResult CheckBinNumber(string binNumber)
var strUrl = “https://neutrinoapi.com/bin-lookup?”;
strUrl += “bin-number={0}”;
strUrl += “&customer-ip=”; // Google’s IP address.
strUrl += “&user-id={{your username}}”;
strUrl += “&api-key={{your key}}”;
strUrl = string.Format(strUrl, binNumber);
var wc = new WebClient();
var strRaw = wc.DownloadString(strUrl);
return Content(strRaw, “application/json”);

…. and you get the following json

“ip-city”:“Mountain View”,
“ip-country”:“United States”,
“issuer”:“BANK OF IRELAND”,
“issuer-phone”:“1890 365 100 OR 353 1 404 4001”,

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