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#SriLanka Car Registration API


Sri lanka, has over 6 million registered vehicles, in a population of 20 million, according to http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/images/stories/document/pop2015.pdf

We’ve now opened up an API that offers a lookup that can obtain vehicle data from a Sri-Lankan registered vehicle at http://lk.carregistrationapi.com/

Sri Lanka support

Car registration plates in Sri Lanka use the /CheckSriLanka endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make and Model
  • Registration year
  • Engine code
  • Owner (i.e. outstanding car loans)


Sample Json:

{“Description”:”SUZUKI ALTO LXI 800″,”CarMake”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”SUZUKI”},”CarModel”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”ALTO LXI 800″},”MakeDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”SUZUKI”},”ModelDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”ALTO LXI 800″},”EngineSize”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”F8DN5403186″},”RegistrationYear”:”2015″,”Owner”:”n/a”,”VehicleClass”:”MOTOR CAR”,”Conditions”:”n/a”}

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