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French #CNIT codes now returned in #VIN lookup API


Keeping your API relevant to your customers is something that makes can sometimes take your service in a directions that you never knew existed. This morning, I didn’t know what a CNIT number was, this afternoon, it looks like we’ve now got the only commercially available CNIT API available outside of the French government,

A CNIT number or “Code national d’identification du type“, has been used since 1998 and consists of 12 characters that can succinctly define the essential characteristics of a vehicle. For example: the fourth character defines the fuel type and transmission (0-9), the fifth defines the engine power (0-9), and the seventh code defines the body style (0-7). The CNIT is more general than the type Mines, but does not allow to know the level of equipment of a vehicle. Recently, the CNIT can contain 15 characters.

Our VIN lookup service now includes a JSON segment that contains the CNIT and TVV values of a car, in the following format

{“Cnit”:{“Make”:”VOLKSWAGEN”,”Model”:”GOLF”,”Variant”:”GOLF”,”Designation”:”GOLF 5P TDI (90ch)”,”Fuel”:”Gazole”,”Box”:”M 5″,”CNIT”:”MVW52C2KE752“,”TVV”:””,”Hybrid”:””,”Fiscal”:”5″,”KW”:”66″,”CV”:”90″}}
<Description>Volkswagen Golf  TDI</Description>
<CarModel>Golf / TDI</CarModel>

Our French API is accesible via this website: http://www.immatriculationapi.com/


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