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#SEO boost for #IDN domains Google #Canary

chrome-canary-512In Google Canary (Version 52.0.2734.1 canary SyzyASan), which is two versions ahead of the official Google Chrome (Version 50.0.2661.102 m) , there’s been an important change in how Chome handles IDN domains.

An IDN domain one with non-latin charachters in it, like www.sõiduk.com – In Google Chrome (v50 and below), if you click on this link, then the domain appears as punycode in the address bar, like this  http://www.xn--siduk-dua.com/ – which is the same domain, but translated into a format that is compatible with the DNS system. To end users though, they will no longer recognise the domain, and it looses trust and branding. – As a consumer, this looks like a phishing site now.

However, in Google Chrome Canary, which is Google’s beta version of Chrome, which gives a good preview of future versions of Google, then if you click on an IDN domain then the IDN representation still remains in the address bar, so you see the www.sõiduk.com domain there. This helps re-assure consumers that they are on the website they wanted to be on, and helps branding.


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