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New Zealand Car Registration lookup API

new_zealand_640Yet another country is now supported by our rapidly growing car registration lookup API, which now supports New Zealand, and can be accessed via http://carregistrationapi.nz/

Car registration plates in New Zealand use the /CheckNewZealand endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Engine Size
  • Fuel Type
  • Body Style
  • VIN number
  • Engine Code
  • Number of seats
  • Colour
  • Country of assembly
  • Stolen indicator
  • Odometer reading (last and current)
  • Warrant of Fitness
  • Import status

Sample Json:

{“Description”:”2003 FORD ESCAPE”,”RegistrationYear”:”2003″,”CarMake”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”FORD”},”CarModel”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”ESCAPE”},”EngineSize”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”2,967cc”},”FuelType”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”Petrol”},”MakeDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”FORD”},”ModelDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”ESCAPE”},”BodyStyle”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”Station Wagon”},”VechileIdentificationNumber”:”JC0CU041421109337″,”EngineNumber”:”1109337″,”Colour”:”Green”,”NumberOfSeats”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”5″},”Assembly”:”Japan”,”Stolen”:”No”,”EstimatedCurrentOdometer”:”167,000 “,”LastOdometerReading”:”154,228 “,”WarrantOfFitness”:”Yes”,”PlateType”:”Standard”,”Origin”:”NZ New”,”VehiclePurpose”:”Private Passenger vehicle”,”ReasonLatestRegistration”:”New”,”FirstLocalRegistration”:”08-Jul-2003″,”Imported”:”No”}

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