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Car Registration plate API lookup for #Australia #Rego #myRego


Our RegCheck.org.uk API searches eleven european countries for car number plate data, including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and all the Scandinavian countries. Today, we’ve started to expand into Australia – gone down under to check your “Rego” (Aussie Slang), with our new website http://www.carregistrationapi.com

Since Australia is quite federalised, each state manages their own driver licensing, so and provides different levels of information, it means that we have to implement it state by state. So far, we’ve integrated NSW (New South Wales) and VIC (Victoria), QLD (Queensland incl. NQLD), SA (South Australia), NT (Northern Territory), ACT (Canberra) and TAS (Tasmania),  so for residents of Sydney,  Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart you’re in luck.

Each state should provide some data, with the exception of Western Australia (Perth), but, what we do with the API request, is that we query each state, and return whatever data is available for that state. Some fields, such as Description, will be common to all, and the variable data will be contained in the JSON section.

So, within a week or so, we should have Australia covered, and it will be added officially to our iOS app, and our developer documentation. If you come across it earlier then it’s a bit of an easter egg!


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