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WhitehatTwitterFollowers.com : a new way to boost your twitter presence


WhitehatTwitterFollowers.com  is a website that gets you new twitter followers based on your chosen hashtags ; and it’s WhiteHat, which means that there’s nothing untoward about the service.

That means that it’s not a service that get’s you an instant following of 10,000 zombie twitter accounts that all seem to have random twitter handles, and come from Eblonia*, oh, and they all get cancelled by twitter after it discovers that they’ve been created by a bot.

What it does, is uses the Twitter API to automatically favourite hundreds of tweets based on your selected hashtags, and those “favourites”, get you noticed by the authors of the tweets, and we’ve seen ratios typical of 3 new followers per 100 favourites.

So, it’s not an instant win, but a slow burn. But that’s what Whitehat is all about. If you prefer the 10,000 zombie accounts, look elsewhere.


*No, Eblonia is not a real place, it’s actually a nod to Dilbert 🙂

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