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Prerolled jqm themes #JQM #Themeroller

With the latest version of Jquery Mobile, the included themes have been made decidedly more bland, and the themes available for JQM are quite specialized, like the BlackBerry theme, NativeDroid, Flat UI etc., but if you just want something simple and attractive, here is a hack to show themes that other users have done on ThemeRoller,

Just go to the url – https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=YYYYMMDD-NN

where YYYYMMDD is a date within the last 30 days, and N is a sequental number.

Most of them are un-styled, and a lot are quite ugly, but you might find a gem there,

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151124-15 – Cookie – colourful

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151124-11 – maroon

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151124-10 – blue green

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151123-10 – grey blue

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151123-14 – tourquize

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151123-15 – Grey green

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151123-17 – Grey cyan

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151123-19 – pink

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151123-2 – purple pink

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151122-10 – orange grey

https://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.4.5&style_id=20151122-12 – light green




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