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Application-wide page transitions using App.Xaml #Wp8

By default., if you call  NavigationService.Navigate within a windows phone app, you get an instant transition, which is fine in most applications, but it adds a bit of pizzazz if you can have the page flip over like the transition you see when you open an app from the home screen.

Most tutorials online detail a method to do this by modifying each xaml page of your application, that’s fine in a small project, but what happens if you have lots of pages?, lots of code copy-paste?

Here’s a method of implementing the page transitions app-wide, by modifying App.Xaml.cs

First, in InitializePhoneApplication . define RootFrame as follows

RootFrame = new TransitionFrame();

Then in CompleteInitializePhoneApplication, comment out the line

// RootFrame.Navigated -= CompleteInitializePhoneApplication;

  • Which will cause this event to fire every time a page loads.

Then add the code

PhoneApplicationPage page = RootFrame.Content as PhoneApplicationPage;
NavigationInTransition navigationInTransition = new NavigationInTransition
Backward = new TurnstileTransition { Mode = TurnstileTransitionMode.BackwardIn },
Forward = new TurnstileTransition { Mode = TurnstileTransitionMode.ForwardIn }
NavigationOutTransition navigationOutTransition = new NavigationOutTransition()
Backward = new TurnstileTransition { Mode = TurnstileTransitionMode.BackwardOut },
Forward = new TurnstileTransition { Mode = TurnstileTransitionMode.ForwardOut }
TransitionService.SetNavigationInTransition(page, navigationInTransition);
TransitionService.SetNavigationOutTransition(page, navigationOutTransition);

Other transitions you can play with are;


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