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Code object is not signed at all #Xamarin #Mac #OSX

It turns out that submitting a Mac app, you need to make sure the naming of your app is consistent, so your app is entitled exactly the same on the app store, and on the desktop. If you get this wrong, then your app will be rejected, and you’ll have wasted 1 week’s review on a silly mistake. (like me! – thanks Apple!)

So, In Xamarin, I went to change the Assembly name under Projects > Build > Output  – and the project would no longer compile, – with an error saying “Code object is not signed at all” – I finally figured out that you have to open the plist file, view source, and change the executable file and mono bundle executable.

I haven’t figured out how to use special chars in the name of the project, but hopefully apple will let me away with having no spaces in my executable file name – fingers crossed!

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