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Luhn Check algorithm in Javascript

Luhn Check algorithm in Javascript

An integral part of the generation of IMEI numbers is the Luhn Check algorithm, which determines the final digit in an IMEI number


Source code:

 // Javascript code copyright 2009 
 // This code may be used freely, as long as this copyright notice is intact.
 function Calculate(Luhn)
	var sum = 0;
    for (i=0; i<luhn.length; for="" i="" (i="Luhn.length-1;" (0,1,2,3,4,-4,-3,-2,-1,0);="" array="" delta="new" var="" }="" +="parseInt(Luhn.substring(i,i+1));" sum="" {="" )="" i++="">0; i-=2 )
		var deltaIndex = parseInt(Luhn.substring(i,i+1));
		var deltaValue = delta[deltaIndex];	
		sum += deltaValue;
	var mod10 = sum % 10;
	mod10 = 10 - mod10;	
	if (mod10==10)
	return mod10;

 function Validate(Luhn)
	var LuhnDigit = parseInt(Luhn.substring(Luhn.length-1,Luhn.length));
	var LuhnLess = Luhn.substring(0,Luhn.length-1);
	if (Calculate(LuhnLess)==parseInt(LuhnDigit))
		return true;
	return false;
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