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Cordova/PhoneGap for WP7 in Windows XP

Normally, I develop my apps for WP7 natively using Silverlight for Windows Phone, but I thought that some of my apps would be easier to port, if I could use Phonegap (Cordova).

My home PC runs Windows XP, and VS 2010, which means that Windows Phone apps can’t be emulated, but can still be run on a real device (A better experience in any case).  Unfortunately, the XNA framework for Windows Phone is not compatible with Windows XP, and Cordova / Phonegap relies heavily on this library.

So, I decided to take PhoneGap / Cordova version 2.4.0 for Windows Phone 7, take the standalone model, and then strip out all the code that relied on the XNA framework, or just anything that didn’t compile. I understand, that this does cripple many features, such as audio recording, video recording, some file operations, and perhaps other features. However, the code compiles and runs on a Windows Phone 7 device, and renders the HTML page.

You can download this library, from http://www.javatiger.com/downloads/wp7cordovaxp.zip – Should you want to develop Cordova / Phonegap Windows Phone 7 applications on Windows XP.

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