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Free VLC remote for BlackBerry


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There are plenty of VLC remote apps for various platforms, but there is a simple web interface that allows any device to control VLC.

First, you have to enable the web interface, which is under View > Add interface > Web

Then, find your local ip address which is typically 192.168.0.xxx where xxx is a number between 1 and 255.  Press the windows key and R at the same time, type cmd, and then press enter

Type ipconfig into your command prompt window, and you should find your ip address.

Once this is done, open a web browser on your BlackBerry and type this ip address followed by :8080, i.e.

If you get a “forbidden error” at this point then you will have to open WordPad in administrator mode,  To do this, type WordPad into the search box in windows, then right click on the WordPad icon, and select “run as administrator”. Once it has opened, open the file “C:\program files\Video Lan\VLC\Lua\http\.hosts

Then, remove the hash symbols beside the ip addresses listed under “Private addresses”, Save the file, restart VLC, ensure that the web interface is selected then try again. If this fails, remove the hash symbols besude the ip addresses listed under “world” (- some security risk here, so not recommended)



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