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Convert text to a HTML table

 Here is a handy litte script that converts tabulated text into a HTML table. Apply a CSS stylesheet to it, and it’ll look nice too …

  <textarea id="input" cols=100 rows=10>
  <input type="button" id="Tabelize" onclick="tabilize()" value="tabilize">
  <div id="output"></div>

<script language="javascript">
 function tabilize()
	var input = document.getElementById("input");
	var output = document.getElementById("output");	
	var splitInput = input.value.split("\n");
	var html = "<table>";
	for(i in splitInput)
	   if (i % 2 == 0)
			html += "<tr>";
	        html += "<tr>";
	   var splitRow = splitInput[i].split("\t");
	   for(j in splitRow)
	     html += "<td>" + splitRow[j] + "</td>";
       html += "</tr>";
    html += "</table>";
	html = html.replace(/</g,"&lt;");
    html = html.replace(/>/g,"&gt;"); 
	output.innerHTML = html;
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