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Find All Websites on a Webserver in C#

This is a handy script that can tell you how many sites are hosted on an IP address.  It uses  the Bing API, so it basically asks bing if it knows of sites on that IP address. This means that they have to be listed in bing, i.e. with public access.



 public static int SitesOnIP(string ip)
            string url = "http://api.search.live.net/json.aspx?";
            url += "Appid=92B665B5421E197DC762503859279DFEBBE0B998";
            url += "&query=IP:" + ip;
            url += "&sources=web&web.count=50";
            // "Web":{"Total":31900
            string strRegex = @"Web....Total..(?<Count>\d+)";
            WebClient web = new WebClient();
            string strJson = web.DownloadString(url);
            string strCount = Regex.Match(strJson, strRegex).Groups["Count"].Value;
            return Convert.ToInt32(strCount);
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