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Downcasting using Reflection C#

You cannot cast an object to a derived type in C#, this is called downcasting.


class MyBase {}
class MyDerived : MyBase {}

MyBase SomeBase = new MyBase();
MyDerived SomeDerived = (MyDerived)SomeBase;

Will fail, as will

MyDerived SomeDerived = SomeBase as MyDerived

– Which will set SomeDerived to Null.

A way around this is to use reflection:

    public MyDerived(MyBase baseClass)
        foreach (PropertyInfo piBase in typeof(MyBase).GetProperties())
            PropertyInfo piThis = GetType().GetProperty(piBase.Name);
            piThis.SetValue(this, piBase.GetValue(baseClass, null), null);
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