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PuTTY/SSH on your Nokia Phone

Shown opposite is a screenshot of an application that I’ve developed for Nokia / OVI using WRTKIT that enables you connect to a Linux server via SSH (PuTTY) from your Nokia Phone.

How it works, is that you have to first install a piece of software called MobilePutty that you can download from http://bit.ly/puttyformobile , this application must be installed and run on a Windows PC. On this program, you enter the Host IP address, username and password of your Linux Server. And a PuTTY terminal window will appear.

From your phone, you can then enter in the host name, username and password, and you will be relayed screenshots of the PuTTY terminal to your phone. You can also send commands to your PuTTY terminal, in order to interact with your linux server. You can also open up any other terminal-style program, such as windows command prompt, and remotely control your home PC from your phone, without having to worry about firewalls etc.

This application works best over WiFi broadband, be very patient if you are using GPRS.

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