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make [package] error 127 (PhoneGap WebOs on Windows)

This is a sceenshot of a web-page that was converted into a webOs Palm App using  Phonegap. Relatively straightforward until you hit this error “make: *** [package] Error 127”

In CygWin, you navigate to the webos folder, and type “make” and you get:








$ make
mkdir -p lib
rm -f lib/phonegap.js
cat js/phonegap.js.base >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/acceleration.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/accelerometer.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/audio.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/camera.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/contacts.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/debugconsole.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/device.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/file.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/geolocation.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/map.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/network.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/notification.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/orientation.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/position.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/sms.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/storage.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cat js/telephony.js >> lib/phonegap.js
cp lib/phonegap.js framework/www/phonegap.js
cp framework/www/index.html framework/www/app/views/First/First-
palm-package framework/www/
make: palm-package: Command not found
make: *** [package] Error 127

So, it can’t find palm-package, which means you need to set a path to

/cygwin/c/program files/palm/sdk/bin

then navigate back to the /phonegap-0.9.4/webos folder, and type

User@Satellite /cygdrive/e/research/phonegap/phonegap-0.9.4/webos
$ palm-package.bat framework/www/
creating package com.phonegap.example_1.0.0_all.ipk in E:\research\phonegap\phon

User@Satellite /cygdrive/e/research/phonegap/phonegap-0.9.4/webos
$ palm-install.bat com.phonegap.example_1.0.0_all.ipk
installing package com.phonegap.example_1.0.0_all.ipk on device “castle-linux” {
a339f527fe6d98a2b95b9f2ef036d503042181c9} usb 49346

User@Satellite /cygdrive/e/research/phonegap/phonegap-0.9.4/webos
$ palm-launch.bat com.phonegap.example
launching application com.phonegap.example on device “castle-linux” {a339f527fe6
d98a2b95b9f2ef036d503042181c9} usb 49346

– With the palm phone in developer mode, and plugged into the USB all the while.

In a few seconds it pops up.

– Now, the challenge, to do something usefull with it 🙂

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  1. rigoxls
    March 29, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    hi can you explain how set the path in cygwin?? is it the same way to set the path like linux…mmm it doesn’t works for me… :S…

    i am not sure what i am doing wrong…



    • August 8, 2011 at 6:13 am

      did you solved your problem? because I’m having the same issue , the palm-package command is not found


  2. March 8, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    I’ve written some instructions, where you don’t need to use Cygwin. Might be helpful:



  3. Anne
    April 20, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    I think Cygwin (or more accurately, linux?) is choking on the space in the pathname (i.e. between “program” and “files” in the path “/cygdrive/c/program files/palm/sdk/bin”. At least, I can do a simple “ls” command for “/cygdrive/c”, but not for “/cygdrive/c/Program Files”.

    I can, however, use the 8.3 equivalent name for that folder, i.e. “Progra~1”, and the ls works:

    “ls /cygdrive/c/Progra~1”.

    so I would try appending “/cygdrive/c/Progra~1/palm/sdk/bin” to your PATH and see if that resolves the “Command not found” error.

    btw, note you want “/cygdrive/c”, not “/cygwin/c” (at least, for Cygwin 1.7)



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