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Rarely shown due to low quality score

I spotted this text appearing in Google Adwords “Rarely shown due to low quality score”, and tried to uncover why ads were not displaying in Google’s main search.

Displaying·ads right now?
  • This keyword isn’t triggering ads to appear on Google right now.
Quality score

  • Keyword relevance: No problems
  • Landing page quality: Poor
  • Landing page load time: No problems
Google lists the following problems with Landing pages;
  • usefulness and relevance of information provided on the page
  • ease of navigation for the user
  • page loading times
  • how many links are on the page
  • how links are used on the page
I can’t yet profess to know exactly what was wrong with the page, but this is what I changed, and I’ll see if it makes a difference;
1. It said “Copyright 2004” rather than “Copyright 2010” – Google could use this to see the site was not updated recently.
2. A few hidden links on the page, which I removed
3. A broken image
4. Removed affiliate links
Interestingly, I think that these page quality score factors could also be used in Google’s organic results… perhaps?
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