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How to break hash codes with Google

Hash codes are one way algorithims, and are supposted to be unbreakable, unless of course, you have access to Google, then
it’s simple…

Just search for

Site:reverse.me.uk + hashcode

I managed to retrieve a lost password that was Hashed in a MySQL database..

mysql> select * from admins;
| userid | username | password                         |
|      4 | admin    | 1752017eea2e45fbXXXXXXXXXX |
|      5 | nktest   | 1752017eea2e45f1fXXXXXXXXXX |

– And, yes, I’ve put X’s in there, just in case…

the site, reverse.me.uk has about 5 million hash codes, covering most of the shorter passwords, so beware!

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