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How bugs are actually fixed

Short version:
   I created a new IIS Application with the newsletter
folder, created a new app pool for it, and ran it as "Local System",
Then set the Connection string to "Initial Catalog=db;Data
Source=localhostSQLExpress;Integrated Security=SSPI;"

Actual events:
    – Feck, why’s visual studio opening, what the
hell’s UID?, never seen that, copy-and-paste from random website,
refresh, not
working, create application, feck, crashed again, create
application pool, not working, Oh feck, yellow page, F5 F5 F5 F5,
feck, check other sites, still up, phew, What the hell is IWAM_PLESK,
wtf!!, Google it, oh, must check email… ok, click
SQL logins, click
users, where the feck is IWAM_plesk not appearing, ah, wrong button,
add, grant, grant, click click click, refresh
F5, feck, not working, I’ll put the priviliges up on the new app pool.
"Service Unavailable" feck feck feck, iisreset, F5 F5 F5, feck,
back up. Set to Administrator, typo, "Adminstrtor", idiot, change back.
Back into SQL server, ah, it’s called SQLExpress, change connection
string. It works hurray…
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