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When not to use affiliate data feed XML

Many affiliate programs give away their product databases, in the hopes that you can sell their stuff better than they can, but it certainly is not the way to create generic content.

I downloaded Beepy’s product database at
http://www.beepy.co.uk/datafeeds/mobile_datafeed_dgm_product_feed.xml.gz, Here’s an excerpt of the XML

w995-black.jpg</largeimageurl><brand>Sony Ericsson</brand><condition>New</condit
ion><location>UK</location><shortdescription>With a model number like 995, you g
et the impression Sony Ericsson want you to know this is a high-end, top quality
 product. So surely with a tag like this, the W995 makes the tea, takes out the
dustbin and prepares a lovely four course meal for you. OK, so it doesn’t do any
 of those things, but this is one phone which brings the best of both the Walkma
n and CyberShot range of phones together in one fantastic package, whilst even f
inding space to squeeze in one of the most requested Sony Ericsso</shortdescript

I picked a phrase that was relatively unique in the description, then put it into google.


66,700 exact matches.

of which on 37 got listed, and the other 66,663 got stuffed into the supplemental index.

ergo, if you created a site with this content, you have a 99.9% chance of ending up in the supplemental index.

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