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Email to SMS project



Create a windows service application written in
.NET, that will check a Pop3 email account every 5 minutes
(configurable in app.config).
On receipt of an email, in the format [number]@freebiesms.mobi, then the service will call a webservice,

Using these parameters:

FromName: The From name in the email
FromNumber: Hard coded, as 00447834567890
ToNumber: The [number] in the email address
Message: The Body of the email, or subject line if no body. (Plain text)
locale: Derived from the prefix of the [number], 0044 is en-GB.
Full list of valid locales here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p_x5hMjj9OXDTjsYYhluJKQ
This list must be configurable in the app.config

Any response from the web service, either error or success must be sent back to the sender via email.

Points to note:

* Should support unicode, if email body in unicode (i.e. Russian) then the message should be in unicode.
* The service must run without any user interaction, any errors should
be logged, and ignored. The service should not stop in the event
of any failure, just try again in 5 minutes.
* I would prefer .NET 1.1 if possible.
* Help with setting up the catch-all email address, and help with installation on the server is necessary.

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