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Java Midlet for .NET web services

Ever wonder how they make Java games for mobile phones, and ever wondered how to make something more useful on them than a Game. I was curious, and thought about writing an app that can use a webservice from a mobile phone (mine’s a Sanyo S750i). To dispell the myth that networking from phones is expensive. I checked my credit before and using this code, and it only cost me 2p. No Lie!.
To cut to the chase, you can download the source code from http://www.freebiesms.com/javasms.zip and the JAD file (for a mobile phone) at http://www.freebiesms.com/sms.jad
First off, you’ll need to download the Java Micro Edition (v5), get the bundle with the NetBeans IDE. You’ll also need to download the Netbeans mobility pack v5. This makes it easy to develop mobile applications (although the GUI designer is rubbish).
– ok cut short. need to go to work. Check out the code to see how I did it! 🙂
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