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Redistributing a VB6 application the “Free way”

After finding out that my WISE installer had passed it’s 30 day limit, and my Installshield CD scratched beyond repair, I looked on the web for a free way to redistribute a VB6 application.
My first attempt, was Advanced Installer 4, which looked promising. However, it also, is a 30 day trial, if you want go beyond the absolute basics. For instance, my app required the Soap Toolkit,(a COM object), so that was beyond the basic version. Also, it couldn’t properly self-register the COM DLL’s in the Advanced mode either. – Waste of time.
I then came accross a Microsoft tool, Visual Studio Installer, which looked well. With a bit of fiddling, I got it to create an MSI. However, an MSI may not work first time on pre-XP machines, since the Windows Installer is not guaranteed to be on the machine, So I looked for a generic MSI to EXE converter
The best I found was this: http://www.tmgdevelopment.co.uk/setuputility.htm Which you place in the same folder as the MSI.
I zipped them both together, and placed them on the website.
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