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Capturing a webcam to an AVI file

I previously wrote an application which captures a webcam in VB.NET (http://www.webtropy.com/articles/art7.asp) However, this only shows a webcam, and has no facilities to record. Therefore, I added a new function to save bitmaps

Public Sub SaveBitmap(ByVal filename As String)

SendMessage(lwndC, WM_CAP_FILE_SAVEDIB, 0&, filename)

End Sub


Where WM_CAP_FILE_SAVEDIB is defined as WM_USER+25

– It also requires an overloaded SendMessage declaration, which accepts a string as it’s final parameter.


I then found some CS code which converts BMP files to AVI (http://midget3d.com/gabe/AviLib.zip)


then used this to write bitmaps to disk, and build them into an AVI




string strAVI = saveFileDialog.FileName;

string strBMP = saveFileDialog.FileName.Replace(".avi",".bmp");

AviWriter aviWriter =

new AviWriter(strAVI, AviCompression.None, 24, 320, 240);

isRecording =






new Bitmap(strBMP));




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