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Parsing WindJet routes

Probobly a particularly niche field, but I just developed some code to parse airline routes from the website VolaWindJet.

private string GetWindJetRoutes(string HTML)


string outRoutes = "";

// Step 1. Delete between FL_Departure> and /SELECT

string strOutboundRoutes = DeleteBetween(HTML,"FL_Departure>","/SELECT");

MatchCollection mcDepIata = Regex.Matches(strOutboundRoutes,"value=(?<FromIata>[A-Z]{3})");

// Step 2. extract ToIata Array

string strRegex = @"arrayVoli[(?<IDFrom>d+)][(?<IDTo>d+)]=new.Option(‘w.*'(?<ToIata>w{3})";

MatchCollection mcDestIata = Regex.Matches(HTML,strRegex);

for(int iMatch=0;iMatch<mcDestIata.Count;iMatch++)


int intIDFrom = Convert.ToInt32(mcDestIata[iMatch].Groups["IDFrom"].Value);

string strFromIata = mcDepIata[intIDFrom-1].Groups["FromIata"].Value;

string strToIata = mcDestIata[iMatch].Groups["ToIata"].Value;

outRoutes += "’" + strFromIata + "’,’" + strToIata + "’rn";


return outRoutes;



Might be of interest to someone out there…. (or if not, my own personal reference)

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