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Export Google Search Results to CSV

I just wrote a handly function which uses the Google API to do a search, then export the results in CSV, for easy import into a database for further processing. Be aware, that this will probably max out your quota with one call, so be careful with it.

public void GoogleSearchToCSV(string SearchString, string FileName)


GoogleSearchService.GoogleSearchService gss = new GoogleSearchService.GoogleSearchService();

string CSV = "";



for(int i=170;i<10000;i+=10)


GoogleSearchService.GoogleSearchResult gsr = gss.doGoogleSearch("L3Pyyh5QFHKU740wXUu0/aBu17loGATB",SearchString,0,10,


foreach(GoogleSearchService.ResultElement reSearch in gsr.resultElements)


CSV += reSearch.title.Replace(",","").Replace("n","") + ",";

CSV += reSearch.snippet.Replace(",","").Replace("n","") + ",";

CSV += reSearch.URL.Replace(",","").Replace("n","") + "n";


Debug.Write("Progress:" + i.ToString());



catch(Exception ex)




FileStream fsOut = new FileStream(FileName,FileMode.Create);

StreamWriter swOut = new StreamWriter(fsOut);




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