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Parsing Skylights Route information

A company which develops airline websites, known as SkyLights, has a common format for javascript which they place on their webpages to populate two dynamic drop down lists for their routes.
This can be parsed out of the page, using this c# code

// var aVCE = new Array(‘TXL’,’HAM’,’HAJ’,’CGN’,’STR’, 0);

string[] strlines = Regex.Split(tbEntry.Text,@"n");

string strOutput = "";

foreach(string strLine in strlines)


string strFromIata = Regex.Match(strLine,@"a(w{3})s").Groups[1].Value;

MatchCollection mcIatas = Regex.Matches(strLine,@"’w{3}’");

foreach(Match mIata in mcIatas)


strOutput+="’" + strFromIata + "’," + mIata.Value + "rn";



tbEntry.Text = strOutput;

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