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InitTTSCaptureStream of object ITTSSTream failed

It’s very rarely, that you type an error message into google and get 0 results. It’s extremly discouraging to realize you are the only person in the world who has encountered this bug before. – Or at least the only person to take the time to talk about it on the web.
I’m stuggling with a Telephony application, Trying to use TAPI in .NET. I had it mostly working on a voice modem, making calls, playing audio, etc. But due to the limitations in the unimodem TSP – which are well documented, I decided to invest in some professional Telephony equipment, namely a Dialogic D/4PCI. It gets around the pitfalls of the voice modem TSP, but – the audio is scewed up.
I’m using code as follows:



//Create a playlist with the file sent as parameter


Object[] playList = { String.Format(@"{0}TestWave.wav",Application.StartupPath) };



// //Assign terminal to call and starts playing


// … Then after the call is accepted…

ITMediaPlayback playback;


Object[] playList = { fileName };


ITMediaControl mediaControl;




The audio quality is terrible, with stuttering, and excessive echo. I think, it’s something to do with the half-duplex nature of the 4/PCI. But to be honest I don’t know.


I even had a crack at working with some of the TAPI examples in the SAPI SDK – modifying the code to use my Dialogic card rather than the H323 line.


But I got stuck when I hit the error InitTTSCaptureStream of object ITTSSTream failed

And there is no information whatsoever on the net about it.


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