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Iterating products from sage

I was working on a bit of code to iterate through all products stored within sage, eventually found it (code in VB.NET)

Dim SDO As New SageDataObject90.SDOEngine

Dim wsStock As SageDataObject90.WorkSpace

Dim srStock As SageDataObject90.StockRecord

Dim i As Short

Dim strDescription As String

Dim strStockCode As String

wsStock = SDO.Workspaces.Add("Myconnection")

wsStock.Connect(SageLocation, SageUsername, SagePassword, "ThisIsUnique")

srStock = wsStock.CreateObject("StockRecord")



strDescription = srStock.Fields.Item("DESCRIPTION").Value

strStockCode = srStock.Fields.Item("STOCK_CODE").Value


Loop Until srStock.IsEOF


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