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set IDENTITY_INSERT is connection specific?

Just noticed a glitch in SQL server 2000. Which is quite ironic, since this blog is more than likely hosted on SQL 2000, being with Msn spaces.

use Database1

set IDENTITY_INSERT Database1.dbo.operator on

use Database2

set IDENTITY_INSERT Database2.dbo.operator on

IDENTITY_INSERT is already ON for table Database1.dbo.Operator’. Cannot perform SET operation for table Database2.dbo.operator’.

When I opened a new connection to server, it allowed me set the identity insert on database2. (the names of the tables involved have been changed for client privacy). So does this mean that SET variables are connection specific, and that the IDENTITY_INSERT variable can only be applied to one table at a time? – I can’t really think of a reason for making a multi-table insert requiring idenity inserts within the same connection, but I have to complain about something….

Anyway, just bought myself a new laptop today, off micromart, After my last one died when I spilt coffee on it!. If anybody would like a dead toshiba laptop for spare parts or to repair it, please post a comment on this blog, and I’ll get back to you.




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