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Pop3 Servers

BlueYonder pop3.blueyonder.co.uk
BTClick mail.btinternet.com
BT.Com mail.btinternet.com
BT Connect pop3.btinternet.com
BT Internet mail.btinternet.com
Cableinet pop3.blueyonder.co.uk
CWCom pop.ntlworld.com
Demon pop3.demon.co.uk
Direct Connection popmail.dircon.co.uk
Freeserve pop.freeserve.co.uk
Freeserve pop.freeserve.net
FSnet pop.freeserve.co.uk
Genie mail.genie.co.uk
ic24 pop3.ic24.net
Lycos pop.lycos.co.uk
Madasafish pop.madasafish.com
Netscapeonline pophost1.netscapeonline.co.uk
Netscapeonline pophost2.netscapeonline.co.uk
NTLWorld pop.ntlworld.com
Purplenet pop3.purplenet.co.uk
Supanet pop.supanet.com
Tesconet mail.tesco.net
UKGateway pop.ukgateway.net
Yahoo pop.mail.yahoo.co.uk

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