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Improving .NET #performance with Parallel.For


If you ever have a bit of code that does this;

var strSoughtUrl = “”
for each url in urls
var blnFoundIt = MakeWebRequestAndFindSomething(url);
if (blnFoundIt)
strSoughtUrl = url

That is to say, loops through a list of Urls, makes a web request to each one, and then breaks when it finds whatever you were looking for –

Then you can greatly improve the speed of the code using Parellel.for to something like this;

var resultCollection = new ConcurrentBag<string>();
Parallel.For(0, urls.Count, (i,loopstate) =>
var url = urls[(int)i];
var blnFoundIt = MakeWebRequestAndFindSomething(url);
if (blnFoundIt)
var strSoughtUrl = resultCollection.ToArray().First()

I have seen this code speeding up from 22 seconds to 5 seconds when searching through about 100 urls, since most of the time spent requesting a url is waiting for another machine to send all it’s data.

This is yet another performance increase for the Car Registration API service! 🙂

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#OpenSource KBA & Natcode lookup App for iOS in #Swift


This app allows German and Austrian users search for German KBA (“Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt”) codes, and Austrian NatCode (“Nationaler Code”) by searching by make and model, or by entering the code in the search box.

There is also an API that allows businesses to obtain this data automatically. If you are interested in the API, please visit our German or Austrian website at or

The source code for the app is available (minus the API Keys), at Github: it’s written in Swift, and it’s the first app we’ve published that’s entirely written natively.

The App itself can be downloaded from iTunes here;


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