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#KEKKH Hungarian Car Number plate #API

HungaryData sourced directly from KEKKH, this API allows users look up the details of cars in Hungary using its number plate.

This is ideal for used car sales websites, insurance sites, and even helping consumers ensure that the car they are buying matches the plate.

The website is at http://www.rendszá which means “Number plate” in Hungarian.


Car registration plates in Estonia use the /CheckHungary endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make & Model
  • Engine Size
  • Registration Year
  • Engine power in KW

Sample Json:

“Description”:“BMW X3 2.0D X83”,
“CurrentTextValue”:“X3 2.0D X83”
“CurrentTextValue”:“X3 2.0D X83”



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#SEO boost for #IDN domains Google #Canary

chrome-canary-512In Google Canary (Version 52.0.2734.1 canary SyzyASan), which is two versions ahead of the official Google Chrome (Version 50.0.2661.102 m) , there’s been an important change in how Chome handles IDN domains.

An IDN domain one with non-latin charachters in it, like www.sõ – In Google Chrome (v50 and below), if you click on this link, then the domain appears as punycode in the address bar, like this – which is the same domain, but translated into a format that is compatible with the DNS system. To end users though, they will no longer recognise the domain, and it looses trust and branding. – As a consumer, this looks like a phishing site now.

However, in Google Chrome Canary, which is Google’s beta version of Chrome, which gives a good preview of future versions of Google, then if you click on an IDN domain then the IDN representation still remains in the address bar, so you see the www.sõ domain there. This helps re-assure consumers that they are on the website they wanted to be on, and helps branding.


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Get #PhantomJSCloud for #Free

PhantomJSPhantomJSCloud is a online service, where you can emulate a browser action using a REST API. Great stuff, but unfortunately they charge, and if you’re on a low budget, or you intend to scale too much, then you might be put off by the fees.

However, PhantomJS can be downloaded for free, and it can be run from a page with no extra permissions set in IIS, and you can customise it to your needs, by making your own web based PhantomJS host with a few lines of code, thanks to NReco.PhantomJS

So, step 1

Install-Package NReco.PhantomJS

Then step 2:

var strUrl = Request.QueryString[“url”];
var strArgs = Request.QueryString[“args”];
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(strUrl) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(strArgs))
Response.Write(“url and args are required”);
var wc = new WebClient();
var strJS = wc.DownloadString(strUrl);
var phantomJS = new PhantomJS();
phantomJS.OutputReceived += (a, b) =>
phantomJS.RunScript(strJS, new[] { strArgs });

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#Estonian Car Registration lookup #API


Estonia  Car Registration API

Today we’ve just launched our Estonian Car registration lookup API on sõ – meaning “Vehicle” in Estonian. So far, it only returns just the make and model of the car being searched, but if we get more interest in the country, then we can expand this.

Car registration plates in Estonia use the /CheckEstonia endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make  &  Model

Sample Json:

{“Description”:”MITSUBISHI PAJERO”,”CarMake”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”MITSUBISHI”},”CarModel”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”PAJERO”},”MakeDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”MITSUBISHI”},”ModelDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”PAJERO”}}


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API to access #UK #Electoral roll

Theaderhe UK electoral roll is a database of millions of UK citizens, which comprises the name, address and phone number of every person registered to vote in the UK.

This API, at integrates with data held by the UK government, and can be used for purposes such as direct mail marketing, debtor searches, and demographic data.

Access to the API costs as little as 1p per request, and you can get a free account with 10 requests free, by emailing

The API is an XML / SOAP based web service, that integrates easily into C#, ASP.NET, PHP and Java applications.


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Car registration lookup #API in #SouthAfrica


Now on our sixteenth country, and our first African nation, we now support car registration lookups via our API in South Africa at

Car registration plates in South Africa use the /CheckSouthAfrica endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make, Model & Variant
  • Registration date
  • Engine Number
  • HPI asset number
  • Introduction date
  • Mead & McGrouther code
  • Number of Axles
  • Engine CC
  • Engine Cylinders
  • Number of Doors
  • Gross Combination Mass
  • Gross Vehicle Mass
  • Engine Power in Kilowatts
  • Tare
  • Tyre size (Front & Rear)
  • Wheel base
  • Vehicle identification number


Sample Json:

{“Description”:”TOYOTA CONDOR”,”RegistrationYear”:”2005″,”CarMake”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”TOYOTA”},”CarModel”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”CONDOR”},”MakeDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”CONDOR”},”ModelDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”CONDOR”},”Extended”:{“DiscDate”:”\/Date(1125525600000)\/”,”EngineNo”:”2RZ3256364″,”HpiAssetNo”:38571175,”IntroDate”:”\/Date(1057010400000)\/”,”MMCode”:”60051365″,”Make”:”TOYOTA”,”Model”:”CONDOR”,”RegNo”:”NU44128″,”Specs”:[{“Code”:”1″,”Name”:”Axle”,”Value”:”4X2″},{“Code”:”2″,”Name”:”Body Type”,”Value”:”MPV”},{“Code”:”4″,”Name”:”CC”,”Value”:”2438″},{“Code”:”35″,”Name”:”Cyl”,”Value”:”4″},{“Code”:”7″,”Name”:”Doors”,”Value”:”5″},{“Code”:”11″,”Name”:”GCM”,”Value”:”3305″},{“Code”:”14″,”Name”:”GVM”,”Value”:”2030″},{“Code”:”16″,”Name”:”kW”,”Value”:”85″},{“Code”:”15″,”Name”:”Tare”,”Value”:”1462″},{“Code”:”9″,”Name”:”Tyre Size (Front)”,”Value”:”195/70 R14″},{“Code”:”48″,”Name”:”Tyre Size (Rear)”,”Value”:”195/70 R14″},{“Code”:”13″,”Name”:”Use”,”Value”:”GEN”},{“Code”:”85″,”Name”:”Wheel base”,”Value”:”2650″}],”Type”:”Auto”,”TypeCode”:”A”,”VIN”:”AHT12UF8000010135″,”Variant”:”CONDOR 2400i ESTATE TX (2003 – 2005)”}}

Data is also returned in XML format.

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#WordPress on #WebPlatformInstaller fails on #azure with error 500



I wanted to install wordpress on a new azure webserver, that hadn’t been used for much before hand, I tried the Web Platform Installer, typed WordPress, and the installation seemed to go well, installing PHP, MySQL etc., but then it failed at the very last step with a 500 error message when I tried to load the domain.

There was no more detail to the error message, and I could see that IIS seemed to be set up correctly with a FastCGI module handler for *.php pointing to php-cgi.exe.

I then tried to run php from the command line, by navigating to C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.5 and typing php, and I got an error message saying that MSCVR110.dll missing from computer.

I then went to download it from Microsoft here:

Installing both the 64  and x86 versions, just to be sure, and it worked, without even a reboot or iisreset.



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