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Access #TecDoc data via a free #API

1znx0m8TecDoc is a German supplier of vehicle part data,  they manage one of the most comprehensive databases commercially available of vehicle parts.

Their software is windows based, and is designed for desktop use, but if you need to access the data from a website, then you are going to find that it’s not that simple.

Luckily, we’ve created a data explorer, allowing you to explore the schema of the TecDoc database here: http://www.regcheck.org.uk/tecdoc.aspx  – where you can write SQL queries against the TecDoc Transbase database, and then once you’re ready to add this to your code, just make a web service reference to http://www.regcheck.org.uk/api/tecdoc.asmx and you can execute SQL against a remote TecDoc database.

The SQL used is Transbase, which is a different flavour to the one used by Microsoft SQL server, or MySQL, but the basics are the same.


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